PAST CAPTAINS – Brancaster – 24th April 2018

Many Past Captains gathered at Royal West Norfolk Golf Club on the day after the LSGC’s Spring Meeting which was held at the same venue. The weather conditions were very different, gone was the howling gale but a light breeze by comparative standards had taken its place coupled with a steady down pour of that [...]

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CAPTAIN’S DAY 5th-6th April 2018

The Captain’s Day was preceded by a drinks party at the home of the Captain and his wife, Sarah. Those attending arrived about 6:30 in the evening and enjoyed a choice of drinks of white and red wine, champagne and beer as well as a small range of soft drinks. Canapés were also provided as [...]

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UPDATE - to all LSGC Members .. Peter Johnson, Captain of Canadian ELTC  ... This past spring I had a quadruple bypass followed by the worst golf of my life. My handicap doubled and I was thinking of taking up lawn bowling. Then in September at the fall meeting in St Andrews a miracle happened. [...]

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The LSGC Team assembled at the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda on Sunday 29th October for their match against the Bermudan Bar. The match was to take place over 3 days over three different courses. An overcast rainy day (possibly really a "Dark & Stormy Day" as picture attached of the traditional Bermudan drink) saw the [...]

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“The Annual match of the LSGC against the Welsh Solicitors took place at Nefyn Golf Club on 9th and 10th October this year.  The weather was fine which was a delight.  The scenery fantastic as can be seen form the attached photo.   An early advantage was secured on the opening round of foursome which the [...]

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The members of the LSGC Team all arrived from various quarters at the AA Saint Omer Golf Club on a dank, rainy morning on Thursday 5th October.  The rain cleared whilst we enjoyed a lovely meal meeting our opponents from the Golf Club du Palais coupled with some super red wine to loosen the swings. [...]

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