LSGC v DUTCH BAR – Hampton Court Palace G.C. and Royal Mid-Surry G.C. 21-22 June 2018

We were blessed with fantastic weather for this match on both days.

We all mustered for the first day of this very enjoyable match at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club Kingston upon Thames Surrey. A golf course set in one of the Royal Parks, Home Park, blessed with great wild life which includes the well know Royal deer. The morning round was lost 3 to 1 to the Dutch, the match manager Peter Read and John Reeder being the only LSGC winners in the morning. The rough, which was penal, took its toll on all players of both teams. The Dutch nearly ran out of golf balls and one of their players, Philip Ekering, numbered his golf balls as he lost them and at the end of the first round was up to number 9. He asked both teams  if any one found golf balls in the afternoon numbered 1 to 8 they be handed back to him in the bar after the second round. There was no reasonable chance of finding anything in the rough unless it was a lawn mower. LSGC faired much better in the afternoon drawing 2 to 2. So the first day ended up LSGC down 5 to 3 to the Dutch.

The LSGC members were given strict instructions not to stay up late with our Dutch friends on the first evening. This was completely ignored and the end result came as no surprise.

The second day was held at Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. Unfortunately the Dutch proved too superior and after the second day LSGC went down 12.5 to 7.5. The match was played in a fantastic spirit and the Dutch were, as they always are, fantastic company and great fun to play against. Next years match is likely to take place in Maastricht and we look forward to bringing the silver silver trophy back with us.

Peter Read, Match Manager

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