LSGC v BRUSSELS BAR at THE BERKSHIRE – Thursday 5 & Friday 6 JULY 2018

And so the tour continues, as does the magnificent weather. LSGC played the Brussels bar at the Berkshire. The courses, red and blue, were parched but still wonderful to play….we all saw a little too much of the Heather but it gave us the opportunity to find lots of other people’s balls. No one seems to play anything other than brand new PRO V1’s at the Berkshire.
Played the blue course on Thursday morning, had the usual fantastic Berkshire club lunch and then the red (course, the wine was with the the meal!). At the end of day one LSGC had a small lead. On the Friday we played singles over the red course and the result was 4 1/2 to 4 1/2, so we won the Cup. The Adam Kirkwood trophy was won by Alexander and Simon.
Philip Heyes organised everything to his normal high standard and all our dinners were of an equal standard. Dinner on the last night was interesting. Delightful setting, wonderful food and the usual good wines to go with it. However most of our Brussels friends were following a certain match on their smart phones, but after the outcome the Champagne flowed! A night to remember.

Brian Sheridan, LSGC Captain

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