PAST CAPTAINS – Brancaster – 24th April 2018

Many Past Captains gathered at Royal West Norfolk Golf Club on the day after the LSGC’s Spring Meeting which was held at the same venue.

The weather conditions were very different, gone was the howling gale but a light breeze by comparative standards had taken its place coupled with a steady down pour of that wet substance commonly known as “RAIN”.  It happily continued to pour from leaden skies all afternoon such that holding a club through from starting the back swing to completing the follow through was an achievement few achieved with distinction.
The lunch that all enjoyed before starting the golf was most enjoyable accompanied by the odd glass of wine, whatever the colour, and then sadly the appointed hour arrived for the combatants to start and five 3 balls started out of which the Captain was one but he was ineligible just a guest.  He took it in good part but as the day drew on the clothing got wetter and the waterproofs showed just how wrong is the name “waterproof”!!

The immediate Past Captain’s scorecard became just a pile of wet pulp after a mere 5 holes and the scores had to be trusted to memory and a re-marked scorecard in the clubhouse if that haven would ever be found.
Truth be known of the 15 starters only 8 stayed the course and managed to either mark a card or remember what they’d scored to mark a score later.   The remainder retired to the safe sanctuary of the Clubhouse, they were the sensible ones and the ones who stayed the course were gallant.

A variety of rain affected scores were returned but by far and away the best score of the day was 35 points returned by Max Unwin.  This really was a great score in awful conditions by someone who hadn’t played a full round of golf since October last year.

Our congratulations to Max on a wonderful round and we hope he enjoys the Past Captains Putter for at least the next 12 months.
Simon Bowdler – Outgoing Captain 2017-18

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