N.A.G.G. (Dutch Bar) v L.S.G.C. – 22nd and 23rd June 2017

“There were 10 of us boldly going over to Bergan aan Zee to take on the might of the Dutch Bar. On the second day Robin, a young dutch lawyer, hit the ball on one drive 330 meters about 360 yards!

On Thursday 22nd June we mustered at the Amsterdamse Golf Club in the morning and then at Houtrak Golf Club in the afternoon . We were 9 to 1 down after the first day.

On the Second day we played at Dirkshorn Golf Club which the LSGC won 6 to 8 matches but lost overall 15 to 9. We were entertained at the Dutch Captains holiday home on Wednesday evening and our hotel on Thursday evening then a splendid beach restaurant on the final evening.

There was a thunder and lightening storm on the last day and all the players had to shelter in one of the several huts dotted around the course, the storm lasted about 40 mins and then the sun came out and we could finish the matches.”

Peter Read, Match Manager

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